Insider's Tips

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your tour.
  • NO LARGE BACKPACKS, Tote-bags or Oversized Purses: Visitors should leave these items locked in their vehicles or in their bus/van. Bags and purses should not exceed 11” X 14” X 5"
  • NO SMOKING: Laura Plantation is a smoke-free site. No smoking is allowed inside or outside.  Cigarettes or cigars must be disposed of upon arrival. Do not throw cigarettes or cigars on the ground, in the parking areas or in the flower beds.  This includes electronic, “smokeless” cigarettes and all tobacco products.  No vaping.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY: Visitors must remain with their Tour Guide at all times. Visitors may not wander around the property or enter buildings. Inside the Main House, Visitors must stay in the same room with the Tour Guide.
  • IN THE MAIN HOUSE: No eating, drinking, gum chewing or smoking. No video photography.
  • Do not touch furnishings or decorative objects. Do not lean on the walls or mantels.
  • Do not sit on the chairs or beds. Visitors must stay in the same room with the Guide.
  • NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: Visitors must dispose of all alcoholic drinks upon arrival.
  • GARDENS & GROUNDS: Visitors should not pick flowers, fruits, nuts or vegetables. When seasonal fruits and vegetables are ripe, they will be picked by the gardeners & put on the Gift Shop porch. Laura Plantation is not responsible for reactions to food allergies
  • VISITING WITH CHILDREN: Children must remain with Parents, Teachers or Chaperones at all times, including trips to the bathroom. Families with toddlers are asked to use small strollers when touring the house. Families with active or restless children may be asked to take turns when touring the house. This is a courtesy to other visitors and a safety matter.
  • Cell phones must be muted for the duration of the tour.
  • Allow at least 90 minutes for your visit, allowing time for restrooms, refreshments and the Laura Plantation Store. 
  • Your tour is partly an outdoor experience so, dress for the weather with comfortable shoes.
  • The grounds and first floor of the Big House are wheelchair and stroller accessible.
  • The Laura Plantation Store is also ADA compliant.
  • Optimal seasons to visit:  Spring and Fall. 
  • Read about Louisiana history & culture before you visit, especially Laura’s Memories.
  • Check out visitors’ reviews of Laura & nearby attractions on Trip Advisor & other websites.
  • Call in advance if you will need any kind of special assistance or foreign speaking guide:
Laura Plantation telephone: 225-265-7690 (Monday-Friday 9-5)

Daily Tours

  • Ticket Office opens at 9:30 AM.
  • First tour begins at 10:00 AM.
Individual Admission Rate: 
  • ADULT: $20.00
  • CHILD (Ages 6-17): $6.00
  • CHILD (AGES 0-5): Free

Explore the rigors of 200 years of daily life, along with the sobering experience of salvery as it happened on this sugarcane plantation

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From the Plantation Store

Memories of the Old Plantation Home

Laura Locoul Gore compiled an account of nearly 100 years of life on a Louisiana sugar plantation named after her...


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